On First Day

On Second Day

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM EEST

Please do not forget the tricuspid valve!

Chairpersons: Gilles Dreyfus, Ioan M. Coman, Luc Pierard
Case – tricuspid regurgitation - Roxana Enache (Romania)
The new evidence - Marianna Adamo (Italy)
What do the guidelines say? - Luc Pierard (Belgium)
Q & A with the panel

10:30 AM – 10:50 AM EEST


10:50 AM – 11:50 AM EEST

What is new about anticoagulation treatment in valvular heart disease?

Chairpersons: Alec Vahanian, Dragos Vinereanu, Davide Capodanno
Case – Maria Magdalena Gurzun (Romania)
The new evidence - Dragos Vinereanu (Romania)
What do the guidelines say? - Davide Capodanno (Italy)
Q & A with the panel

11:50 AM– 12:10 AM EEST


12:10 AM – 1:50 PM EEST

Session 6: Challenges in valvular heart disease: case-based presentations

Chairpersons: Gilbert Habib, Adriana Iliesiu, Bogdan A. Popescu
Low gradient aortic stenosis - Andreea Calin (Romania)
Symptomatic mixed moderate valvular heart disease - Luc Pierard (Belgium)
Tricuspid regurgitation after mitral valve surgery - Gilles Dreyfus (France)
Pregnancy in patients with valvular heart disease - Ruxandra Jurcut (Romania)
Infective endocarditis in patients with valvular heart disease - Gilbert Habib (France)
Q & A with the panel

1:50 PM EEST

Closing remarks

Alec Vahanian, Bogdan A. Popescu

On Third Day

3:00 PM – 3:05 PM EEST

Opening address

Bogdan A. Popescu, Alec Vahanian

3:05 PM – 3:20 PM EEST

Epidemiology of valvular heart disease: what’s new?

Bernard Iung

3:20 PM – 4:20 PM EEST

When to operate asymptomatic patients with aortic stenosis?

Chairpersons: Alec Vahanian, Bogdan A. Popescu, Bernard Iung
Case – asymptomatic aortic stenosis - Monica Rosca (Romania)
The new evidence - David Messika Zeitoun (Canada)
What do the guidelines say? - Bogdan A. Popescu (Romania)
Q & A with the panel

4:20 PM – 4:40 PM EEST


4:40 PM – 5:40 PM EEST

TAVI or SAVR? A heart team decision

Chairpersons: Bernard Prendergast, Vlad Iliescu, Dan Deleanu
Case – symptomatic aortic stenosis - Catalina Parasca (Romania)
The new evidence - Bernard Prendergast (UK)
What do the guidelines say? - Alec Vahanian (France)
Q & A with the panel

5:40 PM – 6:00 PM EEST


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EEST

Heart failure and severe mitral regurgitation: what do we do?

Chairpersons: Marco Metra, Ovidiu Chioncel, Victoria Delgado
Case – secondary mitral regurgitation - Sorina Mihaila (Romania)
The new evidence - Marco Metra (Italy)
What do the guidelines say? - Victoria Delgado (Netherlands)
Q & A with the panel

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